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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2010|04:22 am]
casting the hunger games



born April 12th, 1994

BEST KNOWN FOR: Her Oscar nominated performance in Atonement, which she filmed when she was 12 years old.
WHY SAOIRSE: She has been singled out as the most versatile actress since Meryl Streep.


born May 24th, 1994

BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing Michael Boyle in Clint Eastwood's Mystic River.
WHY CAYDEN: A subtle and mature performer who has more talent than all the Disney channel actors put together, he should have gotten his big break five years ago.


born June 13th, 1990

BEST KNOWN FOR: Being the comic book geek turned superhero in Kick-Ass.
WHY AARON: Umm, he fits the character description??? I honestly don't know.


born April 9th, 1998

BEST KNOWN FOR: Her starring role in Sofia Coppola's anticipated new film, Somewhere.
WHY ELLE: She's been acting since she was two years old, and at twelve, has already worked with directors Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Tony Scott and David Fincher.


born April 4th, 1965
 Having a successful acting career, being arrested, doing a stint in rehab and continuing his successful acting career, all within one lifetime.
WHY ROBERT: He's Robert Downey Jr., duh.



born November 23rd, 1966

Being the ultimate fucked up psycho in Irreversible.
WHY VINCENT: He's French, which makes him already more hip than half of America.


born January 17th, 1980

Being named after a J.D. Salinger character.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt once referred to her as the most beautiful woman making art today. I believe him.


born August 21st, 1996

Being the youngest person to ever perform live at the Academy Awards. 
WHY JAMIA: Youtube her Oscar performance. Seriously. Just watch it.


born August 15th, 1984

BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing American footballer Michael Oher in the Oscar nominated film The Blindside.
He was underused in The Blindside, and frankly deserved more attention than Sandra Bullock.



born July 21st, 1989

BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing Lola Quincey in the Oscar nominated film, Atonement.
WHY JUNO: She is one of the fiercest actresses on the planet. If she doesn't scare you, nothing will.


born March 13th, 1992

BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing Effy Stonem in the popular e4 series, Skins.
WHY KAYA: The bitch is cool, what else?


born January 6th, 1982

Winning the Tony Award for his performance in Red.
So I know he's not physically accurate to the Cato in the book, but he gets characterization, and will be able to bring forth that element of fright and suspense that is essential in the final events of the plot.


born April 11th, 1994

Landing the lead role in His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, based on the novel by Philip Pullman.
WHY DAKOTA: She can deliver lines and has the right attitude.


born May 29th, 1981

BEST KNOWN FOR: Playing Eric Yorkie in the Twilight series.
Because if we're going to cast a Twilight actor in this, it mind as well not be fucking Robert Pattinson.
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2010|03:32 pm]


Fuis moi, je te suis.Collapse )


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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2009|08:47 pm]
Musical theatre actors who should guest-star in GLEE
Other Asian invites you inCollapse )
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The secret's out [Mar. 22nd, 2009|03:25 pm]
Yes, I will be taken to the gallows for saying this but...


Here it is...

It's coming...

The truth...

The ultimate TRUTH...

I don't think Fedor Andreev is that good-looking. In fact, I don't think he is good-looking. At all.

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The F-word is a work of art [Mar. 2nd, 2009|10:42 pm]
After nearly falling asleep in school today, I did end up learning something. Totally by accident too, but it's a valuable piece of information.

Here are the movies with record number uses of the f-word which, everyone knows, always comes in handy during bouts of writers' block.

1. Fuck (2005) 824 times
2. Nil by mouth (1997) 428 times
3. Casino (1995) 398 times
4. Alpha Dog (2006) 367 times
5. Twin town (1997) 318 times

And that's how I spent my day.
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66th Golden Globe Awards Post-Reflection [Jan. 11th, 2009|10:49 pm]
Completely blew my mind. And history was made. A few highlights that are worth remembering:

Ricky Gervais should have been nominated. SeriouslyCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2009|10:19 pm]
23 Guys who are hotter than Edward Cullen (and the reasons why they are hotter than Edward Cullen…if that wasn’t already obvious enough)

HUNTER PARRISH. He uses “swear” words like “fudgesicle” and “monkey hug it.” Stephenie Meyer only WISHES she had Hunter’s range of vocabulary. If she did, Edward would be saying things like “Monkey hug it, my life sucks” and he’d be 10 times more interesting than the dull, pathetic vampire he is now. Of course, I’ve never actually used the expression “monkey hug it,” so the sentence that I made up just now might not make any sense.

GO DIEGO GO!. Maybe I’d like Edward better if he had an exclamation mark after his name. You know, Mamma Mia! Moulin Rouge! RT! Edward Cullen! Add some much need pizzazz. Diego! was smart enough to do it. And he’s what, like FIVE YEARS OLD?! You need to step up your game, Mr. Edward Cullen.

GAEL GARCIA BERNAL & DIEGO LUNA. Especially in this poster. Like holy crap. It’s so fierce it kind of makes you want to punch something. Like Edward Cullen’s face.

ANDREW ADAMSON. What can I say? He’s hot in a weird way and I’ve kind of had a crush on him since he made Shrek. Plus his hair can rage victorious wars against any country.

DJIMON HOUNSOU. This guy deserves to be on this list more than any other guy here. He defined the meaning of 'hot' before Edward Cullen ever came along. Everytime I look at him, I'm like, GAWDDAMMMMNNNN, the world doesn't deserve you.

JOHN WILLIAMS. ONE SINGLE NOTE from the Star Wars theme is orgasmic. Edward Cullen in his entirety, on the other hand, is like a blob of blah in the middle of nowhere surrounded by zzzzzzzz…

STEVEN WEBB. If Stephenie Meyer knew true beauty, she would have called her supposedly flawless character Steven Webb, not Edward Cullen. Well, witness it right here. This is what Edward Cullen would have looked like if he was hot (the guy in the bottom right corner who has yet to graduate to a chair and looks like he’s about nine years old).

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS. There’s a part in Twilight where Edward asks Bella, “What if I’m the bad guy?” And anyone can clearly see he’s not the bad guy. Because dude, if you were the bad guy you’d grow a fierce ‘stache like Daniel Day-Lewis and do actual BAD stuff, like KILL PEOPLE WITH BOWLING PINS AND DRINK THEIR MILKSHAKES AND PRACTICE CRAZY METHOD ACTING. Edward is in serious need of some bad-ass for dummies lessons from Daniel Day-Lewis.

LEE PACE. Only a frigging moron could think that Edward Cullen looks better than Lee Pace. When I look at Lee Pace, I think of gummy bears and Jones Soda and Peake Freans. When I look at Edward Cullen, I think of shit. That’s just how it goes.

SEAN AVERY. Wait, never mind, Avery is not hotter than Edward Cullen. On the contrary, Avery is a pompous ass.

PEDRO ALMODÓVAR. He’s not even in the same league as Edward Cullen, and therefore wholly deserves to be on an entirely different list, maybe one that’s titled “Men Who Should Never Be Associated With Edward Cullen Because They Are Gastronomically And So Obviously Better.” Yes, that’s another list, and I probably won’t write that one out for awhile.

SKANDAR KEYNES. Like, dude. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? In LWW, you were memorably cute. In PC, you were freaking legendary. Edward Cullen has absolutely nothing on this kid. Skandar could trip over his own feet while wearing a clown suit and cheap makeup and STILL be more attractive than Edward Cullen.

KEN’ICHI MATSUYAMA. He plays an emo genius out to defeat the evil that fights evil and who sits on his feet, eats non-stop and drinks tea like it’s the elixir of life. That sentence in itself is just a lot more intriguing than a glittery vampire, right? Plus he made black eyeliner a symbol of more than just punk rock.

AARON JOHNSON. Sure, Edward Cullen’s got that whole vampire thing down, but sometimes, you know, puberty works well enough. Like what happened to Aaron Johnson. Three years and BANG, it was like a tornado had hit and swallowed him whole and the result is THIS.

WALL•E. Can I say that the sexiest scenes of 2008 were the interactions between Wall•E and Eve without sounding totally perverted? Well, there you go, I said it.

MATTHEW GOODE & BEN WHISHAW. After seeing Brideshead Revisited, I can’t think of one without the other, which is weird because they both have very different acting styles. Matthew’s subtle and Ben’s outrageous. Matthew expresses more with his face, Ben with his voice. Still, they’re both prettier than most women. Edward Cullen is far from being prettier than most men, much less women. And frankly, any level of female attractiveness in a guy is very, very hard to attain, something Matthew and Ben have basically achieved without much effort at all. Plus Edward watches Bella sleep and is just very creepy. Matthew and Ben are just very British.

JONATHAN JACKSON. Yeah, I rest my case. Let’s just say I’m glad he didn’t get the role of Anakin Skywalker that he was a “sure-shot” for because Darth Vader’s reputation as a repulsively wicked villain for me would have gone completely out the window.

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. In the 20th Century, we had Albert Einstein. Today, we have Christopher Nolan. Sure, he didn’t invent something as efficient for our society as the atomic bomb, but he did blow up a lot of stuff on a movie set without destroying an entire country for generations to come, which is a bonus.

PETER DINKLAGE. Damn him for being married to someone who is not me. If I were Bella and I had to choose between Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, I would choose Peter Dinklage.

ANDY MIENTUS. His favourite things right now are Spring Awakening and Ben Moss. Which are, consequently, my favourite things too. If Edward Cullen had good taste, he’d be cool too just like me and Andy. Because if Edward were cool, he would like Ben Moss. But no, Edward chose Bella instead. And Bella is a loser. Unlike Ben Moss.

Ben Moss does not approve of the fuckery that is Twilight. Thank you.
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